Tribute to Abril 25 th 1974 —Homenagem ao 25 de Abril em Portugal

Liberty was the target                                  Libertaçao era o objectivo

Freedom was a need                                    Liberdade era uma necessidade

All allowed to forbid                                      Tudo era permitido proibir

almost nothing can we get                         Quase nada se podia obter

Got the Freedom                                           Liberdade conquistada

Now loosing all                                                Agora perdendo tudo!

How man can be                                             Como pode o homem ter

Spirit so small                                                   Espìrito tao pequeno

Corrupted mind                                              Mentes corrumpidas

International Trusts                                       Trusts Internacionais

Destroy Humanity                                          Destroem Humanidade

Like “Rats”                                                         Como “Ratos”

With no Integrity                                            Sem Integridade

Jmvc                                                                                    jmvc


2 responses

  1. A very sorrowful and touching poem, João. I understand. If we live long enough, we see the cycles begin to repeat. Sometimes, achievements are lasting and we raise up to the next level of a spiraling cycle. However, often it is such a close parallel that the cycle begins to repeat.

    The fight or struggle for equality and freedom is such that it must be continuous, a daily effort on all levels. The tragedy is when the reason is forgotten by the greed of self interest. It ultimately removes both equality and freedom.

    My heartfelt wishes are for change that brings the return of both to all. My tears are for those who suffer the outcome of the enemies of equality and freedom.

    Thank you so much for sharing your honest and honorable tribute.

    Abril 26, 2011 às 4:34 pm

  2. ty so much suzy
    i have no words

    very well said

    a kiss


    Abril 26, 2011 às 4:41 pm

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