Equilateral Triangle — Triangulo Equilátero

Equilateral Triangle

triangle pyramid can be
changing parameters
round can turn
in infinity

paradoxical unity
perfection in three
essential can be
in such simplicity

math poetry theosophy
all can be joined
melted into one
strong is the unity

jmvc 2011


2 responses

  1. João, I love this so much. It has such personal meaning for me, and it gives me great joy to see this. An ethereal beauty!

    It is beyond excellent in image composition, with light, reflections, transparency and symbolism. I love the clear crystal like triangle and balls, and the evolution into a pyramid is fantastic.

    Your words are so wonderful, expressing the “math, poetry and theosophy”, and the point of unity that makes all a true wonder. I am in awe.

    Congratulation, and thank you for sharing this wondrous image. You are a master.

    A great kiss!

    Maio 22, 2011 às 5:11 am

  2. ty suzy

    i love your appreciation

    great kiss


    Agosto 16, 2011 às 4:00 pm

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