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  1. Magnificent Joao! I love this so much. You created a beautiful and realistic woman’s form. Bravo! I agree she is a representative, Eve, of the feminine side of humanity. Your glass statue is so impressive.

    I also like that she sits alone in a barren location, a single presence waiting for the budding of new life. It is like humanity at the portal waiting for the next phase of evolution.

    Sublime work! Thank you for sharing this beautiful image.

    A Kiss

    Junho 26, 2011 às 6:18 am

    • ty suzanne

      yiur comment is also sublime

      great kiss


      Junho 26, 2011 às 4:39 pm

  2. ana

    I bet she is meditating and SEEING BEHIND AND AHEAD! Look her forhead and the 3rd eye:))))))))))) Great work and i really love the concept: transparency and strengh in this structure of glass.GREAT!

    Junho 27, 2011 às 12:59 am

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